Dan and Phil are like the British version of Destery and Nathan.

Title: Nathan Laughing
Artist: DesAndNate
Played: 499 times

I made an audio of him laughing bc his laugh is beautiful.


I haven’t been on in so long

But at least today I finally came on and posted something

Next time I’m not on for this long go yell at me

here’s the link to my main I give you the right to complain if I don’t post


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those cute things you did were cute

I’m sorry I haven’t posted black veil brides took over my life I’m so I am done.

Not that they weren’t taking over my life before.

They’ve been taking over my life since sixth grade.

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Whats your IG? I need it for thelastmedia com

Do you really? Do you really need it for that website?

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A love like war though I can’t even.

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